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Estetologia Medyczna i Kosmetologia

Medical Aesthetology and Cosmetology

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Dear Reader,

In the process of launching a new scientific journal, the choice of a right title is one of the key decisions. For the title not only defines the scope of the journal, but more importantly it is a statement of the mission. We believe that the journal titled "Estetologia Medyczna i Kosmetologia" (Medical Aesthetology and Cosmetology) meets the scientific needs of all professions that study, preserve, restore and create beauty of the human body. It also emphasizes the need for integration and dialogue across the boundaries between various subspecialties.

Why "Medical Aesthetology"?

In the broad meaning, aesthetology is a scientific discipline devoted to studies of the beauty. In the journal's title we have added the adjective "Medical" to emphasize that we are especially interested in those aspects of human body's beauty that can be preserved, restored or created with the use of medical procedures. The scope of medical aesthetology includes aesthetic medicine, cosmetology, aesthetic dermatology, plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, but also those elements of anti-aging medicine, dietetics and physiotherapy that serve the improvement of a person's appearance. Moreover, the scope of medical aesthetology also includes philosophical, psychological, sociologic and anthropological aspects of human beauty and attractiveness. Medical aesthetology is an interdisciplinary concept that has not been yet "appropriated" by a particular professional group. In contrast to all previously names of disciplines, this term has therefore an inclusive, rather than exclusive character. It does not restrict researchers to their narrow disciplines and specialties. In fact, the term "medical aesthetology" should encourage to look at the whole picture and seek for a common language and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Why "Cosmetology"?

As we understand the term "medical aesthetology", it includes also cosmetology, which nevertheless has been specifically named in the title of the journal for two reasons: Firstly, despite continued efforts, cosmetologists have not been yet recognised as a medical profession in most countries, quite similar to aesthetic medicine that has not been yet recognised as a full-righted medical specialty. Secondly, cosmetology is still relatively new among academic (university) disciplines, and many scientific journals in the field of aesthetic medicine or aesthetic dermatology only reluctantly, if at all, accept publications written by cosmetologists. Thus the presence of the term "cosmetology" in the title of our journal to stress our openness and encouragement for submissions of good scientific papers written also by cosmetologists.

To publishing in our journal we invite physicians, cosmetologists, physiotherapists, dieticians, psychologists, philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists, as well as representatives of any other disciplines who study any aspects of human body's beauty. Our policy is to keep the journal open to publications written by students, as we believe that no academic discipline can develop without the fresh look and enthusiasm of young people. In the assessment process of submitted papers we look exclusively at the scientific merit and methodological soundness. For each submitted paper we guarantee a fair and friendly review by the editorial team and reviewers, as well as a rapid publication of accepted articles. We publish manuscripts either in Polish or English languages. Please strictly observe the instructions for authors while preparing the manuscript.

We sincerely believe that the new interdisciplinary scientific journal Estetologia Medyczna i Kosmetologia fills in a relevant gap in the academic publishing and serves well the science of preserving and restoring beauty of the human body, this way contributing to the preservation of health and improvement in quality of life of millions of people. In line with our policy of openness and inclusion, all articles published in our journal are accessible free of charge via the internet, there is also a possibility of ordering a printed version. If you would like to receive any further information about the journal, including special issues (conference supplements), advertising, subscriptions to the printed version, etc., please do not hesitate to contact our editorial team.

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